I couldn’t figure out the multiplyer in the CSV to XYZ node, so in the process of creating a terrain (loft surface) from a set of points (about 44,000) I put together a definition which does so, but not always.


If I limit the number of points to about 30,000 it works (though it takes a really long time and doesn’t seem to utilize available system resources). But the same definition doesn’t work for the complete set of points.


I’ve suspect/identify the most time consuming process to be the conversion from string to number. Please let me know if there is a more efficient way to go about this.



The above image is of a part of the definition that I suspect is contributing most to the inefficiency in generating a surface such as the image below.




To summarize, my questions are


  1. Multiplyer in CSV to XYZ node?


  1. Is too much data being extracted from the CSV file causing the definition to fail?


  1. Approach that is more efficient than Split String with comma as the delimiter?



Thank you.





Vikram Subbaiah


downloaded a recent daily build and saw that there was a points to topography node.

I however want to extract curves with planes that intersect the topography Is there any way to do so?

The terrain generated as a series of lofts can probably achieve this but it it extremely slow.

Any suggestions or advice will be helpful.



Vikram Subbaiah