Create Cogo Points from CSV

Hi. I’m trying to create cogo points from a CSV file. I have problems with the CogoPoint.ByGeometry node. I try to use the output of Point.ByCoordinates to create the cogo points but it gives me an error. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thank you.

crearPuntosDesdeCSV.dyn (18.3 KB)

@raul.07.11 I’m not by my PC right now, but I think the issue is that the layer input for creating the COGO points should be a string, not a layer object. So I think you can skip the Document.LayerByName node.

If the error in creating points from x,y,z check that you feed double values not strings.

I did that and it still gives me an error. Can you check the error? I don’t understand what’s the problems. My guess is that the Point.ByCoordinates is the problem but I don’t know how to fix it. Thanks.

The error is in the CogoPoint.ByGeometry node. I think Point.ByCoordinates is not the node I should be using for the geometry input. I don’t know how to fix it tho.

The warning message describes the issue - it is expecting strings for the “name” input, but you are supplying integers. One way to fix this would be to use a String From Object node.

Yeah, you were right. That was the problem. Thank you so much.
Here is the dyn for the task: Creating Cogo points from a CSV.
crearPuntosDesdeCSV.dyn (18.9 KB)
I know it’s not something great but I think it can be useful for someone who’s starting in Dynamo.