CSIxREVIT and Dynamo. Joining Meshed walls

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been using CSIxRevit pluging to import the ETABS model to REVIT. For a while, I had to reshpe the wall assignments in REVIT to “delete” the mesh from ETABS for walls and floors. Manually, it can be an eternity!

Is there a way to join multiple elements from the same type to have a single bigger element?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe provide a screen cap along with what you have so far for your dynamo graph and more people may be able to help.

Hi Matt, my problem is this:

In ETABS I need the wall and floor meshing because of the analysis, but in REVIT the elements with the same Pier number (ex. “1” in the image) work like one single wall.

Is there a way that I can merge these 4 elements?


Which option would you want to go with?

Option 1: You can take the extents of the geometry based on extracted data and create a new wall with Dynamo. Issue: If you need to go back to ETABS, you will need to split the wall up again.

Option 2: Maintain the extra walls in Revit and just “join” the walls to clean the linework up. Issue: As you start detailing having all these individual walls inside Revit would be a nightmare.

Hi Matt. Thanks. Knowing the implicances, I just was searching for the option number one. Thanks!

Hi Jorge,

as you know we are supporting this workflow now in Konstru, what’s your feedback on this?
Watch the join walls video here


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Hi Max,

I’ve used Konstru for this purpose and It solves the problem. As I’m aware of, It also joins meshed floors by group name, nice feature.

Thanks for the time!