Creating voids in dynamo geometry


Am I missing something or is there no way to create voids in dynamo geometry. I know I can create voids as Form.ByLoftCrossSections and using a false Boolean within revit. But if I want to manipulate geometry I’m working with in the dynamo engine how would I do this? So as an example I’ve produced a Polysurface.BySweep and now want to void bits of this geometry out according to other parameters I’ve set. Once happy with the outcome I will then use the ImportInstance.ByGeometry node to view the result within the Revit window as I currently don’t need native Revit elements as such.



maybe that is what you are looking for.

don’t forget to turn of the preview of the base geometries :wink:

b1 b2


perfect Solid.Difference was the node I was after. thanks