Creating View Filters in Dynamo (archilab)


I have some walls, roofs, and structural framing elements, and I defined a text parameter called Block for them. I am trying to duplicate a plan view, and a sheet, create some view filters to filter those elements with different Block values, and add the filtered plan views to the created sheets.

I managed to duplicate the plan view, and the sheet, but I failed to create view filters in Dynamo using archival/Dynamo nodes without luck!
It seems the workflow explained in the following link, using archilab nodes, is not valid in Revit 2023 anymore. I only get null values!

Could you help me with the workflow, please?


Make sure you are using the right version of Archi-Lab. The version you use needs to end with the same number as your Revit build, so get a version which uses 23 for Revit 2023.

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Hi @jacob.small
Thank you for your contribution. I just figured out that the package version was not the issue, but the workflow has been changed a bit.