Revit floor slope calulated in dynamo

I have made a floor i dynamo from a generic model by face, in order to follow a sheet pile wall parametric.
when i create the floor by outline in gives a lot of points (904). Afterwards i would like to change the slope, therefore i change the points by a parameter value( see picture), but this makes the model crash quite easily and is heavy to calculate. Therefor my question is if there is any way to make the calculation easier?
Is it possible to reduce the numbers of points in the floor, or is it possible to use slope arrow?
or is there a complete other solution


Is it supposed to be a single slope or is it supposed to be a lot of varied slopes (warped if you will)?

If it’s a single slope the best way to model this in Revit (IMO) is to make the Roof bigger than you need and use a Vertical Opening to cut it to size.

No idea how to do this in Dynamo, however.

Yes it is a single slope. When i do it in Revit i usually just use a floor with a slope arrow. how is it better to use the roof method?

Foor/Roof/whatever :wink:

okay now i see, because i can copy the vertical cuts, i have never thought of this method, i can see it makes it easier. :slight_smile:
however it doesen’t solve the problem with doing it i dynamo, but thanks