Creating sloped building pads from mesh

Hi guys,

I’d like to create a sloped building pad from a generated mesh or solid in dynamo/revit.
Is there any way to create a building pad by using the outline of a surface?

I’m able to split the solid up into its surfaces, but I didn’t find a solution to create a building pad out of the surfaces.
After that I’d like to automatically draw the tilt-arrow to the building pad in order to have the pad tilted.

the first picture shows the topo and the cutting solid. the second picture shows the outcome.
the last picture with the red markings show what i want to be created by dynamo.

Hi @jason233 !
Maybe this thread will help you Earth work excavation from topography

Thanks francois! But unfortunately thats Not quite what i wanted to achieve. I like to convert the sides of my solid to building pads.