Creating schedule with Dynamo, with assemblies and structural connections as an order list

Hi guys, I’m new to Dynamo and i’m trying to make a schedule script with assemblies and structural connections. As an output i would like a list with all present Assemblies in my Revit and all structural connections that exists in each assembly. So i would get some kind of order list for each assembly, like the images below. Is there anyone who could help me in the right direction? I’m having a hard time finding out where to begin:)

Tool Assembly node is from pakage Steam Nodes. not sure which elment type should be used for structural connections thought.

I am fairly certain that you cannot combine assembly parts lists into one schedule. It can be done with a regular schedule but it’s going to involve several steps.

  1. Your connections must be families.
  2. Each connection family must have a shared parameter (ex. host panel).
  3. Create a dynamo graph that looks at the assembly subcomponents and writes the assembly name to the designated parameter.
  4. Then create a schedule to list out all of your connection families and the host panel parameter and sort by that.

As you populate/update your model, you will have to keep running the dynamo graph, but the schedule is in place and will automatically update.