Schedules rather than Part lists (Create Assemblies)

Hi guys,

I have many Casework Assemblies to work with and I was wondering if anyone of you guys knows how to make automatically Casework Schedules rather than Part Lists.
I’m using SteamNode or Synthesize node, and, as you well know, they only get out with Part lists.
Any recommendations, suggestions?

Thanks to all of you.

I don’t have any experience with assemblies but it should work just like any other schedule. I assume you just have to filter for Casework in your case.

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Thank you, @Nick_Boyts for your answer.

Your solution would perfectly work if I would need a general Casework Schedule, in my case I need a specific schedule for each Assembly. When I create a Casework schedule related to the specific Assembly, it comes already filtered with that family type and I do not need to do anything more. On the other hand, the general schedules need to be filtered one by one because I have different family types.

Thanks again for your support.

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Ah. I was unaware that assemblies had their own schedule types. You can likely still use the method I shared with a filter for each respective Naming Category. Otherwise you’ll have to use the below API method to create a new assembly schedule.

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Hi @Nick_Boyts, thanks for getting back to me. I’m not really familiar with API, but I’m very happy to explore new ways, so I will try to follow the link you’ve shared.
Thanks a lot

Let us know if you have a solution :wink: