Creating schedule throught python script struggle

Hi, guys, I’m new to scripting and I was trying to create a schedule through dynamo python script. At first I tryed to search for finished node but I only found that it is possible but not much more info about it. So I tryed to wrote the script by myself with help from C# code from revit api developement samples. Could someone take a look at my code and point where are mystakes (yes I think there is more than one)?

The reason is that I need to make 4x100 schedules (4 categories 100 schedules (1 schedule for room) ) But I think if I get how to create one schedule 4x100 won’t be such a difference.

Any help apreciated

Thanks Radek

Hi Radek,


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Anyone else?

Do you have an update for this?

Hi @interactiverendering

You don’t need Python for this now. Its available in OOTB nodes.

Thanks kulkul I’ll try it later. Does that work with dynamo version 1.2?

No! These nodes have been added in 1.3.

Oh I see, I cannot upgrade in the Office… thanks anyway :slight_smile: