Creating parameters of type "Family Type: Security Devices"

I’m trying to create batch parameters of type “Family Type: Security Devices” But i can’t find these parameters on the list of parameter Types.
Can anyone help me please?


Document is not connected to any node.

Document doesn’t need to be connected if the family is open in the background… wich is the case.

Sorry ramoon

Document is required when you are create a family parameter.

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Man… try do the same thing in the family editor in the background and don’t connect it to the document input… it will work. It always works with me!
however… i can’t create family type parameters

Remove Code Block

Connect Parameter Types node to Family.CreateParameter|DanEdu node

then try.

I know that… however you cant create a parameter of type “Family type: Security Devices”

Parameter Types is take Variable, not String.

Is there a way to convert from string to variable?

Please notice that the DanEDU package has been deprecated and replaced by the Orchid package

Security Devices is a category

The type input takes string!

The document input takes the default document if no document input is provided.

FamilyDocument nodes in the Orchid package is shown below…


That’s the type of parameter i want to create

and that is the code i’m doing in dynamo

And this is the Dyn File
Create Parameter.dyn (5.9 KB)


Type takes an input from this list, not a family type


So… it’s impossible to create parameters of type “Family Type: Security Devices” through Dynamo?


The parameter has to be created and after that set to the category Security Devices.
You can create a Yes/No Parameter called Security Devices but i don’t see the point as it has already been set to the Category Security Devices. All families created with the template Security Devices will automaticaly go in that category. You use a Type of parameter here thats called “Family Type,” as far as i can tell you use this for interchangable nested families.
I guess i’m missing the point here. I must be wrong


As @Marcel_Rijsmus writes, your parameter is not one of the built-in parameters, it is a parameter based on a category.

That means you will not be able to send it as a string value or a built-in parameter

What is worse is that I did not build my node for that and at the moment am I busy with converting the other nodes into ZeroTouch nodes. So I can not say when I will have time to implement such a feature.

Just one question, can you even do that using the core dynamo nodes for creating parameters? If yes, then I will look into how this is done and try to see if I can use the dynamoteam methods for FamilyDocuments.

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@ramoon.bandeira did you get this issue solved?

I forgot all about this, but I did make the node that can solve it… back in june

Home.dyn (8.5 KB)

Remember that you need to load a “default” family of the type you want to create a “Family Type” driven parameter! This is also needed when you want to do it from inside Revit!

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I think i gave up to use this solution at the time.
I find a workaround, but i’ll try your solution later.
Thank you @erfajo