Creating multiple views matching levels

hi all

In our projects each plan has more than one view to present it in
each one has its own template
what i did here is choosing which levels i need using the integer slider, then creating multiple plan views for that level with a view template applied to it.

now every thing works fine, but every time i run it i have to make sure that i am choosing exactly what i need from levels, so that it wouldn’t duplicate the view that have the same template.

is there a way to forbid it from making duplicates for views (with the same view template) if they already exist?

thank you


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You will need to add some “intelligence to it”.
You could crete the list you want to create and compare it to the list taht already exist and then pass that new list to the creation node.

i have been trying to do something of what you said, but no result found.

i am super new to Dynamo
i started two days ago, so if you can be more specific, i would very much appreciate. :slight_smile:

Here’s one way