Creating multiple (400) dependended elevation views from 1 view


I’m new with dynamo, and would appriciate some help.

I need to create 400 depended views from only 1 view. And connect these depended views to scope boxes. See attachment for what I got already.

However, I can’t find the solution to create an elevation view from a selected list (in this case “Kozijnstaat”) Could anybody help me out of what I’m missing here?

Hi @tomwijnholt ,

Above Snap is not clear.
I think you are trying to duplicate a view as depended ( 400 copies ).

Use the node View.Duplicate from archilab.
for 400 depended view, you have to give 400 name as input for “name” and a single view as input in “view”.

To set scope box.

as values you have input Scope box elements

I hope this will helpful for you.

HI @jaisonpr777 It certainly does help! it’s working now, thanks a lot!