Create dependant views with scope boxes


I am trying to create dependant views of my floor plans using the scope boxes i have made in Revit. The script is most of the way there, but something abnormal is happening when creating the dependants.

Instead of taking all views and creating 4 dependants (Zone A/B/C/D) Revit is creating 2 dependants for each view, Basement 1 contains a Zone A scope box, Ground floor contains Zone B, Level 1 contains zone C etc. and all the rest of the floors just contain 2 dependants, named “dependant 1” and “dependant 2”. I’m sure it’s an easy fix, i thought it may be the lacing but ive changed that and it doesnt help. Any ideas?

Have you tried setting it to cross product? Right click the View.DuplicateAsDependent node and go to lacing, then click cross product.

That created 14 dependants, named dependant 1 through 14. there are 14 views it is trying to create dependants of, but only 4 scope boxes.