Creating model lines from floor edges

We have created both hardscape and landscape as floors in my company. Now we wish to export a DWG with the right world coordinates. With the floors isolated in a 3D view, we can export the floors as polymesh with the right coordinates, but in order to be really usefull later on however, we are asked to only export the edges of the floor.

Is it even possible? And if so, how?

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Yes it should be possible, could you share the file you work on

Thank you for both welcome and supply. Unfortunately I’m unable to upload attachments as a new user. I’m testing on af generic floor, based on 3-point curves and straight lines as boundaries, and the added a split line and modified subelements to equal (a simple) version of the expected version of the floor

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alright, try to find the floor surface and then get perimetercurves and then import to Revit as modelline.

That was one of my first ideas as well, but as soon as I modified the height of a point or split line, the surface returned “null”

Then I looked to “Springs.Collector.ElementSketch” and compared (X,Y) coordinates with floorpoints to get the corresponding Z-coordinate. But then I didn’t have any information of the the type of line (arc, line, ellipse etc.)

Not sure something like this will work for you…

I get the following error in “Element.faces” : “Warning: Element.get_Faces operation failed.
trim_with_edge_loops requires all curves to touch surface” what does that mean?

Diificult to say as i dont have the file…if you want you can share the file over filetransfer i guess…

You should be able to download the file from here.

OK thanks…set you work range to extra large and it should work…

forgot to mention i shift I Curved Edge Condition to project to side

I get this : "Warning: Element.get_Faces operation failed.
Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: revitCurve. "

What did you shift?

Thank you so much! So now I only have to create the model lines from the curve.

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cool…og fedt det er dansk template;)

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Hvis du kommer til Viborg giver jeg gerne en øl eller en kop kaffe :slight_smile: So a node in the beginning to catch the name of the floor and a node in the end to change the linetype to a linetype corresponding to the floor type should be possible I presume. If yes, then I’ll see it as my homework assignment

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Yes its possible…og ja en øl kunne være rart ;), hvis jeg er så heldig at komme på disse kanter…

Good luck, Søren

Thanks again. Have a good day, Morten