Creating levels of walls

Hello people,

I am relatively new to working with Dynamo. Currently I am graduating and for my thesis I want to parameterise the construction and 3D rebar of a Caisson. For now I am still focussing on the geometry of the concrete construction.

This caisson is built in several stages from the ground up. Now I want to simulate these stages by creating levels of walls. But here is where it gets complicated for me. To make it understandable: I created 4 walls in the given direction (X). For this setup the model creates 4 inner walls in this direction. And what I want is that the script creates 5 levels of walls.

So these walls will have to be created from level 1 to 2, from 2 to 3, from 3 to 4 etc. Whats happens when I use cross product for lacing is that it creates levels from 1 to 2, 1 to 3, 1 to 4 etc. This also applies to all the other levels. The model now creates almost 200 walls, but I only need 20 walls.

I also tried the Longest and Shortes lacing, but here you can see what happens. In the picture in which the script creates 3 walls (Lacing=longest) you see that the wall in the back is how it should look like, but now I want the 3 other walls to look the same.

I hope somebody here can help me create these levels of walls.

Thank you in advance


Here you can see the script i created to simulate the stages:

And the script for creating the generic walls.