Creating Grid Lines & Renaming them with Dynamo Player

hI, I am using the Parametric Monkey custom package and i’ve made it a part of the dynamo player. I’ve created a script where I not only rename gridlines but I also create gridlines using the GridByStartPointEndPoint node.The problem i’m having is that whenever I run the scrip through Dynamo player, it creates new grid lines instead of just updating the old ones and adding the new additional grids and changing the spacing, etc.

Any solution to this?

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The issue of duplicate elements is due to Dynamo not the rename grid node. The technical term is ‘element binding’. It is not very well documented at all by Autodesk but you can find more about it here. Essentially if you are using Dynamo Player, it is the same as opening up a Dynamo script, running it and closing without saving, meaning that no element binding takes place. For whatever reason, element binding for Revit is saved with the Dynamo script, not the Revit model. This is different to other applications that work with Dynamo.

Hopefully that helps.

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This might help with some ‘documentation’, though not by the team.

Great thanks! I manually deleted the bindings using notepad. And now works perfectly on Dynamo.

But I still have issues with Dynamo player but I guess I will have to give it a pass since it works fine on Dynamo directly.

What to do if distances between each grid is different.

Not relevant to this topic, please make a new one and provide a script/example of what you are trying to solve so people can help you. This problem is resolutely solved with resources to assist others in future, closing the thread.