Replace instead of making new duplicated project parameters

Hi folks

My issue is following;
I have created a graph which create “project” parameter (very easy) and linked Level information in to the new created parameter. Every time I run the script from dynamo player its creating duplicates instead of replace the parameter, so I am ending up having 100 of same project parameter.

I am new to Dynamo, and couldn’t find any real solution for my issue, thank you for help.

Dynamo player doesn’t make use of Element Binding, so items created (in this case a parameter) will be duplicated. Try removing the creation aspect from the graph and just set the values of the already created parameter.

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Ok thank you, you saved me lot of time.
That is what I thought because that didn’t occur in Dynamo. Well part of the idea is creating new parameter and instantly assign a value. But as you said I may have to separate them and run them as 2 operation. Or is Data Shapes UI ++ an alternative, does have it element binding?

If run via Dynamo, the DYN saved, closed, reopened, and run again then the bindings saved into the DYN will pull the previously created objects and update them rather than create new ones. This would mean you would need a DYN for each project as bindings do not propagate across files.

The reason Dynamo Player doesn’t leverage binding is that under the hood it opens the dyn, sets the inputs, runs the dyn, does NOT save the dyn, closes the dyn, and repeats the process for each run. Because there is no save there is no way to propagate changes across the file.

Datashapes and other UI interactions is somewhat irrelevant as a result of the above - bindings will (it won’t) be saved into the project based on user behavior (not saving the dyn) or use of Dynamo Player.

This post has more info on the topic if you’re interested.

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Thank you for the fast and detailed respons

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