Creating floors from lines

Good Morning, everyone, I had put together the graph below:

The idea is to select close linework to create a floor. The graph above works but only if I select lines that make up a single closed shape (think of one rectangle), however, if select multiple lines that encompass different closed shapes the graph fails. Can some tell me how to tackle this project, please?

produced more than one WIRE in PolyCurve
How can I tell Dynamo that I am selecting multiple closed curves - it thinks that it thinking that I am trying to select one.

@crullier You are going down a rabbit hole if you want to create multiple floors with openings in dynamo. Technically, it is possible. You would need to create a solver for which curves are outlines and which are openings, then create Floors.ByOutline and Opening.ByOutline. Solving for one geometry is fine (sort by areas’), multiple becomes confusing since you have to sort which openings go to which outlines.

The short version of this is: If you already have lines in model and are only trying to do one slab at a time, then just copy your lines and manually make the slabs. Revit’s profile solver works fine for finding openings, outlines and islands.

I just want to create several floors (with no openings). And I want to be able to select multiple lines all at once to create separate floors. Imagine that you have imported CAD files with several floor slab outlines.

See the below post about grouping curves. Once you have your groups, I’m sure you’ll be able to get the rest.

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