FamilyType.ByGeometry - Specify Family Name and Types Names


My script is creating solids and I then use FamilyType.ByGeometry to create Revit Families to then bring in to my project.

I essentially would like to create 1 family and add in several family types. Currently I need to make a family per family type, this works ok but it ends up clogging up the project browser like so:


Would a code block, along the lines of this, work for what I want to achieve?


I was having a look at other topics and found a similar question but the answer doesn’t quite work for me. See topic link here: 2 questions about FamilyType.ByGeometry


I’ve never used this node but I’m guessing that if you create a new type in the project environment you get an in-place family, which (as far as I know) can’t have multiple types. There’s nothing in the node that determines the family. I would think you’d have to create your types in the family environment in order to keep them in the same family definition.

Ah right, I see what you mean with the node is made to create its own family each time. Do you happen to know of any OOTB nodes which I could use instead, or a set of nodes to plug into Name instead?

Thanks for the quick reply

Just for some more context, here is why I was thinking it was possible to specify family names and type names:

The name doesn’t determine the Family. Any other OOTB nodes will have the same problem as well. If you’re creating types in the project environment you’re going to get in-place families. You need to create types within a specific family. Accomplishing that with Dynamo may be harder than it’s worth if you have different geometries for each type.

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Sure that’s fine, I’ll have a go at doing that instead. Just wanted to check incase I was missing something out. Thanks Nick!