Creating families with Dynamo

Dear All,
I have been trying to create a family object with Dynamo.
Due to some reasons there is no output. I can see a geometry preview in the Dynamo window and the open Family file, but a family object as such is not created. Attached is a screenshot of the node setup. Am I using the wrong components or is it just not possible in general.
Thanks for your help!

Hi @PAnand,

Please re-post your graph with preview on for all the nodes. Use camera button (top-right) built into Dynamo - it screenshots the entire canvas.

@PAnand Looking at your graph are you looking to create custom node or build graph in Dynamo workspace?

It is a custom node.

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Did it work for you? I am still not getting an output.

Yes it is working as expected. If it is still troubling you i suggest you do your workflow in workspace. It helps you track easily.

And here is the custom node Tier 2 Raker Geometry (v1.0).dyf (6.8 KB)


Thanks a lot!

What kind of family is it?? can it be a specific family like window or door??

Good morning @Kulkul, this is very helpful, I have an additional question on top of this topic, is there a way to create more than 1 geometry from a list of solid geometries? Thanks!

create family 2.dyn (32.7 KB)

Try changing lacing to longest for Familytype.ByGeometry node.

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use FamilyInstance.ByPoint node after FamilyType.ByGeometry node.

see below link

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Thank everyone for your help, it works huraaahhhh! I am so greatful!