Creating Dynamo Solids from Revit Areas


I’m currently working on a dynamo script in which I’m trying to generate a solid in Dynamo from an area in Revit. The areas in this case represent our apartments.

I think I’ve managed to solve the basic workflow; I grab the area boundaries with Lunchbox’s Area Element Collector, create poly curves from the boundaries, and extrude those poly curves with the ceiling height of the apartment.

However, I can’t wrap my head around how Dynamo determines the direction of the extrusion. I’ve noticed that some of the poly curves are extruded “downwards”, rather than “upwards”. My question are therefore:

  • How do I determine which direction something will be extruded?
  • Can I invert the ones that go in the wrong direction?


you can go thru the below procedure which create solid from bottom to top based on the shape of the geometry.

Spring node to create mass for the shape maybe u will not use it.

Take a look at this:

There are 3 different nodes for that.
Check out the description under each of them.

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Thank you! That did the trick!

This is fantastic! would LOVE to take a look at your final script, if you don’t mind sharing…