Creating curve fails


I want to suggest -using a detail line- the outline of the area at an offset of x.

But it fails, why?

What is the error message?



(And the offset isn’t affecting the result)

i noticed due the offset I won’t get a closed curve … so creating a polycurve first …

Still failing to get that curve though.


:star_struck: Those lovely readable screenies :see_no_evil:

You’re missing an input. Document.ActiveView expects a document.

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Doesn’t matter, adding that document, or a specific view: same result

  1. as @Nick_Boyts pointed out you are feeding a function into the detail curves.

  2. I believe that Geometry.Explode will work for your polycurve, which stops being a poly curve after you offset it.

@Nick_Boyts: Changed it for a Spring Node.

@JacobSmall: 2. yes, that works for a polycurve, but the polycurve.offset returns a curve … which doesn’t make sense to me. That curve consists of 2 points … strange strange.

Are you trying to create the lines in an area plan by any chance? Because that won’t work as area plans aren’t normal views.

Draw them in a normal plan view and copy paste aligned if you’re looking for a work around.

@JacobSmall: you serious!?

Yes, I’m trying to create detaillines at an area plan. And you are telling me now that it is possible to create detail lines by hand BUT it’s NOT possible with dynamo?

Dynamo actually can’t do anything you can’t do with Revit itself.

@PauLtus yes I’m aware of that, thanks for adding that (obvious) fact :sunglasses:. It’s sad though that Revit isn’t able to do something as easy as this.

With that in mind: would this be a workaround?

  • use the curves to create modelcurves.
  • get those modelcurves and
  • convert them to detailcurves?

My work around would be:

Modify the graph so you are creating the curves in another plan (say the first floor construction plan), and select the curves after creation (all from dynamo).

Throw a pop up after selection that says ‘Sworch to the Revit window and hit ctrl + v and then ctrl + c to finish this automation.’

Switch to Revit and hit ctrl + c and and ctrl + v.

you are missing an input. Document.Current node.

@robert12546358, yes I noticed that and as was suggested by Nick too. Adding that node (or Springs’ node ‘active view’) doesn’t matter as the problem lies with creating detailcurves on area plans which apparently isn’t possible. :man_facepalming:t2:
Thanks for your keen eye though!