Creating Callouts in a Section View

Hi I’ve been creating callouts with the package Archi-lab, although in floor plans and it has been working perfectly. But when I try to do it in a section view it shows me an error… Has anyone tried to do callouts in sections before and could tell me what I might have done wrong?

Thank you so much in advance!

Its impossible to see what nodes you have been using here
use the camera button (upper-right corner of the screen) to make a better picture of what you are doing

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I hope this is better now! Although the first graph is basically the just very unorganized and they are both based on the floor plan views.

What happens if you create one graph instead of 3 on the same canvas?

Then it still tells me that there is an error considering the viewFamilyType Parameter.

can you show me the new graph and tell me what the error says.
Also, if you use curly wires, your graph is more readable cause these won’t easily overlap