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I have no idea how I missed Konrad’s response but, now that I found it, I’d like to ask how we might do the same thing but have the callout reference an existing view rather than create a new view.

John has a node in Rhythm to create reference section (which will also prove to be quite useful) so I imagine it can be cone… but both his and Konrad’s are “hidden” in a zero touch node so I can’t reverse engineer – which is about as far as my programming chops extend.

Thoughts? Pointers? Help? TIA

This, BTW, is what I’ve been doing to date. It works alright except that the callout heads end up being duplicated on top of the selected and duplicated reference callout and have to be moved manually after it’s run. I have no problem moving the heads, but if the heads were adjacent to the callout boundary, rather than to the original callout, it would be quite a bit better to sell as a workflow.

What I get.

What I want.


Maybe check in here: Won’t be direct python, but I have faith in you. :slight_smile:

LOL - gosh you’re nice! :wink:

Didn’t even think to look at the repo… see, I’m a rook!


Also, is open source so you can find the code here:




Specifically :point_down:

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Ya’ll gonna make me learn to code now ain’tcha?

Bound to happen eventually… :wink:

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OK, here’s a potential solution if I understand the question correctly.

If you have a view:

And that view is just a little snippet of a larger floor plan. Something like a enlarged detail that you want to show references to on other floor plans.

You can query that view for a crop box, and then create a reference callout from it. Since reference callouts accept rectangles as input, we have to break down the CropBox BoundingBox object, into a two dimensional Rectangle. I also published these nodes here:


Result here:


Works great! Thanks Konrad.