Automating the creation of Assemblies in Revit

I’m new to Dynamo so please bear with me. I’ve been doing some research but wanted to reach out to some of the experts and find out if exactly what I want to do is possible. Is it possible to automate the creation of multiple assemblies in Revit? I have a wood framed model of a house and want to create an assembly out of each wall, which would include top and bottom plates, studs, backing, headers, etc.

For those who may not be familiar with assemblies, it’s basically the selection of all the parts required for that assembly, then Revit creates the views, schedules, and sheet for the assembly. What I’m hoping that I might be able to do is to select the item that belong to each wall, create the assembly, place the view on the sheet, and renumber the sheet. Is all or part of this possible?

Clockwork package has some nodes for creating and modifying assemblies:

You can download Clockwork from the package manager.

For renaming views and placing them on sheets, you can find examples here on the forum, use the search button on the top right corner.



I’ve done this before and it is possible, here’s a blog post from 2019 that shows the nodes to create assemblies. -

If you’re using a software like MWF to generate the members for the wall panels they should have a unique identifier that you can use to group your elements together to create an assembly. If that’s not the case, the key is to have a parameter value that you can use to group all of the studs, plates, headers, etc for each assembly in Dynamo.

Hope this helps!


Thank you both, I very much appreciate the help! I can’t wait to see this work!

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is this package still available? I cant seem to find it

NB: I have found that I must do Transaction.End before can do Tool.RenameAssembly

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