Creating a script in dynamo| Inputting Family along the path with a specific coordinate point

Good day everyone.
I would like to request for your guidance.

I already finish a path using dynamo.
The next thing I would like to create a script.
Creating a Family in each and every coordinate I generated.

Can anyone please kindly teach me how?

My highest regards to you all.

Hello @JQXZ4Q ,
Welcome to Dynamo Community,

I think this article will help you in creating the script for place family at specific point / coordinates.
and if this article is not full filling your requirement, then you can further post you queries.

Thank you!
But I am not getting it. I am very sorry for the trouble.

Example. I have a patch of point extracted. That path may be a road.
In PC, PT or per station points coordinate. I want to input a Family in each and every point of this path in relation to the line generated.

Post your code so far so we can see what you’ve tried. :slight_smile: