Placed by point family instance sink in dynamo but while rotating cant find its center of rotation

i placed familyinstance of sanitary by point in dynamo . Now as i placed the sink but while rotating u cant guess its rotation point as its changes , i want its rotation point as im placing sanitary things in my model by point and needs rotation on some points

check if you have use scope box, try not to use it in view … and try to convert the degree to radian

i tried rotation but other things like toilet etc , they have clear center point and degrees are working but in this sink center point is not clear

what does scope box do

scope box maybe trick you as it is rotate the original view ,
anyway i think your problem will be solved by editing the sanitary family and specified a proper center point to use it perfectly

im using pre defined families in revit to place it … toilet , shower area are fine but sink rotation created problem

Please upload a sample Revit model and Dynamo graph showing how you are rotating the elements so we can help you. There is too much of a guessing game to find the issue without that common base data.