Creating a Roof in Dynamo for Revit

Is there a Roof Types node and something like a Roof.ByCurveAndLevel in Dynamo?

If not how do you go about creating a roof using one of the roof types from the revit document.

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You will find lots of information to get started by typing your keywords in the search field, for instance:

For entry points to Dynamo, please see these pages:

For further information on how to get help, please see here:

I typed ‘Roof’ into the search in Dynamo as well as the ‘Primer’ but there is nothing. Looks like you can not make a roof in Revit by using Dynamo.

Hi @Jay_Polding

Have a look at the “FootPrintRoofClass” in Revit API

Thanks for the reply (and for archi-lab tools, they are awesome). Still, looks like there are no OOTB Dynamo nodes which make a roof.

Okay, you’re making it too easy for me. I appreciate it for sure. I guess I’m just trying to make a philosophical point (to Autodesk) that Dynamo requires too much coding knowledge to do even ‘simple’ things.

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Hi @Jay_Polding,

Have you tried the Roof.SlabShapeByPoints node from Clockwork package. I tried to create a roof through points.

And output is,

Also, please look at this link,



Hi! I got the same issue. The script works perfect when using the floor node but i cant do the same when replacing the floor one with Roof.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel and of course changing the floor type with a roof type. I always get a null result in the roof.byoutline node and cant get why. Is there anything else different to be done when you need to create a roof instead of a floor?

Thanks a lot

hi @Kulkul how enter syntax in python script