How create ceiling by outline



Hi everybody! I have a quation about ceiling. I don’t find node for creating ceiling by outline. Anybody know how I can do this?


Did you see this?


Yes, I did. Thank you. But I am interesting solution this problem by other users Dynamo.


Sending some screenshots to reflect on would be a good start then…


I haven’t screenshots. I need only automatically create ceiling by outline in building. I dont’ find node for this operation.


So please try something and show it to start a discussion, it seems that there is no easy answer to this…


So I have a curves. By this curves I created floors with node “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel”. And now I need will create ceiling by this curves. Why Dynamo don’t has node “Ceiling.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel”


according to the revit api documentation the creation of ceilings is not supported by api. hence no way to create one in dynamo.


Ok. Thank you so much. This is bad news))


This is already an idea over at the Revit Ideas. Please upvote here if you want the developers to consider the request:


Ok. I will