Creating a custom C# component

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I am trying to create a custom C# component by I have no luck. Here is my code below. It compiles with no problem but I cannot load it into Dynamo. Any ideas why?

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

using Microsoft.FSharp.Collections;
using Dynamo;
using Value = Dynamo.FScheme.Value;

using Dynamo.Core;
using Dynamo.Controls;
using Dynamo.Models;
using Dynamo.Revit;
using Dynamo.Utilities;
using Dynamo.UI;
using Dynamo.UI.Prompts;
using Dynamo.ViewModels;
using Dynamo.Nodes;
namespace SMARTDynamo
[NodeDescription(“Returns the maximum of two give numbers.”)]

class MyFirstNode : NodeWithOneOutput
public MyFirstNode()

InPortData.Add(new PortData(“A”, “A number to compare”, typeof(FScheme.Value.Container)));
InPortData.Add(new PortData(“B”, “A number to compare”, typeof(FScheme.Value.Container)));

OutPortData.Add(new PortData(“Max”, “The greater of the two inputs”, typeof(FScheme.Value.Container)));

public override Value Evaluate(FSharpList<Value> args)
double a = (double)((FScheme.Value.Number)args[0]).Item;
double b = (double)((FScheme.Value.Number)args[1]).Item;
double c = Math.Max(a,b);

return FScheme.Value.NewContainer©;

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This sample node is for Dynamo .63… The evaluate method if the giveaway :slight_smile:

check these links for .7 development


Or were you trying to make a .63 node?


Thanks, I think this is more than enough to get me started.




PS. I was trying to get something working tor the last version of Dynamo 7.1.2