Creating 3D views from schedule

Hello I am trying to start a scrip for a precast building we are working on and I’m not actually sure how to start that process.

Defining terms
Bed = group of walls that has been pre determined
Wall = One precast wall

So what we are trying to do is make 3d views that have 1 one beds worth of walls that then get a filter applied to it. The work flow right now is we have 1 master 3D view with said filter applied to it, we select the walls we want, isolate them, dup the view, and rename it (Bed # project #). we want to automate that so when we start a project and we are ready to make those view we can run a dynamo script that creates the views so all we have to do is orientate them and label them (the actual walls in the view ideally we could get the scrip to name them too). we have a schedule that has all of the bed groupings in it and we are thinking the best way to pull that information from that schedule would be easiest. Each wall has a wall number and a control number associated with it so we can use those to pull that info too.

The issue were running into is this is basically making views from a list of objects and I’m not sure how to start that prosses

Thank you for the help! I’m still new to Dynamo so sorry if my questions are unclear, obvious!

Save SelectionSet / GetSelectionSet could come in handy here
All you need to do is isolate in View after creating a standard 3d view.

Ok I looked around and I’m am not 100% what you mean by Save SelectionSet / GetSelectionSet I saw another post that has Selectionset.ByElements (which I also cant find in dynamo). Is this basically the Select multiple elements node?

Thank you!

Really depends how your project is set up.

Here’s a super simple start point with zero testing.

(Clockwork package used FYI)

You could pull the info from schedules instead of parameters, but I assume the schedule grouping/filters are driven by a parameter of some sort, so may as well go direct to the source.

This is super helpful! and defiantly helping me get started!

Thank You!