Created Custom Node in Dynamo 0.7.5 - not working with Dynamo 0.9




Hi guys,


I’m wondering if you can help me…

I created a custom node yesterday in 0.7.5 not realising there was a far later version (0.9). It was working fine through 0.7.5 in Revit but when I upgraded to 0.9, now it just crashes when I click run. I am aware of some migration issues since 0.7.5 and previous versions from 0.9 however am unable to pin point why it keeps crashing out.

Here is an image of the nodal programme for your information:

Any help would be much appreciated!
James Gregory

BIM Manager @ PEP Civil + Structures Ltd.


I would suggest you unhook nodes and run it in chunks, eg start with the first 10 nodes then if it works add more to it and keep going till where it crashes.


This should hopefully tell you which node is crashing dynamo, but have you left it for 20 mins or checks the system resources as it could be that it is taking a while to do what you want it to do?


Thanks for the speedy response. I have left it for a couple of hours over night last night and nothing seemed to work. I will try and unhook nodes and segment the process as you suggest.



A great bit of advice… breaking down the process into managable lumps and add additional watch commands allowed me to quickly see what was going wrong.