Create wall by face of mass

Good Morning.
I am trying to create walls from faces but have not been successful.
I followed some recommendations that it is only allowed if the element is a mass or a generic model so I have taken a column and decomposed it by faces and went on to convert them into a mass using a mass template to achieve I tried to reuse those faces of the mass in order to be able to use them for the creation of walls … what am I taking wrong and how can I correct it …?
I leave you the dynamo script.
Thank you so much.

WALL BY FACE.dyn (58.0 KB)

You will need to get the faces from the element once it is made:

The creation of these surfaces was with the node - Springs.FamilyInstace.Bygeometry

Maybe my geometry conversion is not correct … since dynamo does not recognize it as a mass surface … could you show me what was the method I used to create the mass element.