Create Wall by Face?



I want to create wall by face with the windows and door opening on the wall profile is that possible?

i don’t know what’s wrong by using Clockwork node Wall.ByFace.


wall by face

I don’t think this is going to work with openings…

What should I do to actually place such walls in project environment . I want to place a wall “on top” of the other wall . I picked faces of a drawn wall , and joined nodes like Wy Hou did.

Is there a step I am missing ?

2015-03-10 10_05_28-Dynamo


The Wall.ByFace node is based on functionality mae available through the Revit API which, as it turns out, has a few limitations. One of those limitations seems to be that you cannot pick any face - only the faces of certain object classes (like masses, for example) will work. I’ll update the node description once I upload a new version of Clockwork to the package manager (which may not be before summer).