Model by face method?

Dear forum,

Is it possible to apply walls, roofs etc to a mass as it is in Revit by using Model by Face? I have tried to search in the Dynamo nodes as well as here in the forum and it does not seem to possible. Maybe there is some smart workaround instead?



It’s possible for walls and curtain systems, but afaik there’s no API method for creating roofs by face. I have just added two nodes (Wall.ByFace and CurtainSystem.ByFace) to package Clockwork. I think this should be built-in functionality, so maybe you should open a new issue on GitHub. Note that the face you pick needs to exist in the Revit model.

Thanks for quick reply!

I have just tried the nodes, but no wall in Revit. Maybe I am missing some nodes?


Oops, forgot to mention that. Try using one of the WallLocationLine nodes that come with package Clockwork - that should do the trick. You can find them under Clockwork > Revit > Elements > WallLocationLine > Query …

Hi Andreas did you alter CurtainSystem.ByFace - it’s not turning up in my version of Clockwork 0.75.3


Brian, I only added those nodes in 0.75.5 so you’ll need to get a newer version (it’s at 0.75.16 now:

BTW: This just shows that we really need an update notification system for the package manager…

Ha I should’ve check my version. Thanks Andreas!