Create Tin Volume Surface

Hello, Is there a node to create multiple volume surfaces?
I would select a base surface and all for comparison.


Check this similar question

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Another one:

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Update: there are dedicated nodes for this in the Camber package starting in v4.0.0.

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Hi @mzjensen
Why I don’t have this nodes. I’m using Civil3d 2022…Can you help me
Thanks You very much!

Look under CivilObjects → Surfaces

Hi @mzjensen
I cannot generate the volume surface, I have filled in the fields but an error appears, can you help me please, I attach images.

Thank you

Hi @mzjensen, Image to CAD

You are inputting strings for the surfaces, but they need to be surface objects.

Do you have any example please?


Here is an example:

You will get the surface dropdown in the Civil 3D toolkit package in Selection Library.

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