Creating floors From CAD file in REVIT:

HI, I want to create outlines for floors using a CAD file. which works absolutely fine. But problem appears when there are certain openings in slab. The Dynamo considers the outlines for floors as separate outines and not the part of the same floor. Is there a way to somehow join the outline curves with opening curves.
Revit 2020.

The encircled outlines shows slab openings.

here is a picture for the REVIT model that I am getting for the same CAD file.

Hello @faisalkhttk88 ans welcome to the forum…probably something could start you…

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Thank you soo much Sovitek!
But I am using Revit 2020 and the last node floor.bycurveloops is not available in it.
is there any other way to get it done in revit 2020.


arhhh yes that method doesnt work in 2020…but spring have some nodes there can help you…think its opening by curve its called :wink: