Create Structural Floor

Hi everyone,

I want to create structural flooring with Dynamo. I would like to place this in the environment where the beam and column elements are closed.

It is possible to place the flooring in the area where the walls are closed with the Room Tag command, but it is not possible to think of it structurally.

Is there any work on this subject?

I think this is doable, but would require a good amount of effort to work out the geometries. Could be a fun lunch break exercise for someone if given the right content for them to get started.

Can you post a Revit file so people can try to work off the condition you’re dealing with? Otherwise you’re asking people to spend time rebuilding your initial condition turning this into a lunch and dinner exercise.

Hi, Jacob,

I agree with what you say.
Now I’m trying to find geometries and find their inner cut points.
I’m adding a model.

Thanks.Project3.rvt (2.3 MB)

My strategy would be:

  • manually create a dummy floor in Revit, taking the outer beams as outline. (it could be done in Dynamo, but I keep it easy for now)
  • boolean subtract all columns and beams from this floor. You get multiple solids.
  • recreate one floor per each solid, using the outline of upper face.
  • delete dummy floor

StructuralFloor.dyn (42.2 KB)


Thanks for sharing. I’ll try using the corresponding node.


Nice solution. I was thinking to intersect a plane with the geometry, and group the resulting curves. Your method is likely a bit faster @lucamanzoni. Great out of the box thinking!

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Hi everyone,

I get an error when I run the Dynamo script in the following project.

Can you please help me?1.rvt (2.9 MB)StructuralFloor_edited.dyn (41.6 KB)

@lucamanzoni , hi Luc, I used your dynamo script and it works prefect for me, but it doesn’t work at first time, the dummy floor disappears, and I have to undo the model and rerun the script again until it works,
could you please tell me what the problem is? thank you so much