Create spaces automatically

Dear team,

is there a method to place spaces within Dynamo on the locations that has rooms, or alternatively (and more ideally) at wall bounded areas as Revit does (see bellow picture).

This is one of the tedious processes that seems to be a ideal job for Dynamo to tackle. Sadly i have no initial dynamo setup as i am unaware how to start on this (other then listing all the rooms available)



Hi team.

I would be helped if an idea can be shared on the above case ( else i have nothing to do this weekend :slight_smile: )

Clarity if it is or isn’t possible at this moment in time would be helpfull as well.


wr Dino


I have performed an initial try, though i have trouble creating the logic with the available nodes…

Advice would be helpful. goal is to generate spaces automatically ( in this case from already existing rooms)

spaces from rooms

Dear team,

i am stuck with placing spaces . I managed to steal some code from a previous post and adjust it to create spaces.

Ideally i would use the locations x,y,& Z instead of the level input, in order to place all spaces within the project… Fiddling around with the code did not work so far.









i tried to adjust:

for item in uvs:
uv=UV(item.X,item.Y)—> uv=UV(item.X,item.Y,item.Z) …+ adjusting the code further


levels=level[i] …+ adjusting the code further


seems no fruitful approach, help would be appreciated

Hi Dino,

You seem to be almost there. I’m not very experienced with the MEP part of Revit and I hope I’m not steering you wrong with the following:


The Element.Level is from the extremely useful clockwork package and will give you the level of each room.


This is of great help, it solved the puzzle.

Seems i need to make work of Revit’s API logic to get a confident feeling on using Dynamo to its real potential.

Again, thank you for the effort in helping me further.


I am trying to do something similar and also modified the rooms node.

Does placing spaces by Z coordinate work? Do they pick up the associated level automatically? Seems to be quite fundamental to how spaces work.

Hi Joseph,

Afraid i am not much of help on this. using a direct z- coordinate did not work for me (yet).

For now, you might have to convert your z-axis values to levels in order to correctly place the spaces if your parameters consists of the x,y&z location of your desired space.

This allows you to make use of Dimitar’s approach.


I have tried this workflow/Python script without luck. Is it because some changes in the Dynamo/Revit API?

I would really like to automate the creation of Spaces based on Rooms.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

Which version of Revit your using? If your using Revit 2016 have a look at this changes in API


Damm it… my mistake… a spelling mistake :wink: Dont do it to late then you will make mistakes… :wink:

Her is the script if anyone like to try it: