Create Sheets from multiple DWG Sheet files

Has anyone already attempted to use Dynamo to read a folder full of DWG files, create sheets in Revit based on those filenames, then one by one import each DWG file and place them on the newly created sheets?
Seems like it should be possible…


You could use the data extraction command in Autocad and export to a csv and then use those values to create new sheets. Alternatively you could use Flux. But this will just update the titleblock properties, not any views. Why do you want to import dwgs into Revit? Seems a bit pointless.

Why? Good question!
I have several folders of old projects that were done in AutoCAD and saved for record documents as one file per sheet… I’d like to access them through Revit in order to print copies, do area takeoffs, convert them to 3D, and generate PDFs. Although 15 years ago I knew my way around AutoCAD, I’ve since (happily) left it behind and would rather not have to get back into it to process hundreds of files.

This is exactly what I’m looking for! Placing existing CAD drawings into a revit file as native sheets…is there an answer for this? thnx