Placing views on existing sheets

Hi guys,

I’m new to Dynamo and I came to this problem. I’m sure someone can tell me how to fix this but it isn’t working for me.

Thanks in advance!!

You’re not providing the node with a view. You need to use FilterByBoolMask along with the String.Contains booleans and your view list to get the appropriate view elements.

What node should come between FilterByBoolMask and Sheet.ByName…?

It looks like you are using old nodes. The View Type node has multiple viewType outputs because it is old. Update to the latest package and/or recreate your graph in 2.0 if it was originally created in 1.3 or earlier. See if that helps.

Connect the Bool to Mask, and the list of Views to List. And in String.Contains, I don’t think you need the L1 list level.

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What @steinah6 said.

Thanks for your help guys!

I tried to do this option, but I’m still gettin an error. “Warning: Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews operation failed.
Must supply more than 0 views”.

It seems that it does not see my views.

You are still feeding strings into the Sheet creation node.

The views you are getting from the view.getbytype needs to go into your boolmask list input. You do not need the list.create node either.

Ah, got it working thanks.

Next problem is, if I’m trying to create multiple sheets, the script will rename the sheet instead of duplicate. Is there a node make a new sheet instead of renaming it?

And the other thing is. Can I give coordinates to every view that I’m putting on the sheet?

Can you post an updated graph where you’re trying to create multiple sheets? You’ll have to give it a List of sheet names & numbers, and make sure your list lacing/levels is correct. Once you create the sheets with Views on them, you can get the View’s Viewport locations. Views in Dynamo are just Views in the project browser, they don’t have a location. You need to get the View’s Viewports and move those.

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