Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleblockAndViews does not place all views and returns warning

I have hit a wall,
I’m trying to add placing views on sheets to a routine I made. it creates the views and makes the sheets but it only adds the first view to the first sheet. and the Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleblockAndViews gives me a warning: Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView operation failed.
The sheet number is already in use.
Parameter name: sheetNumber

It’s because your sheet name is static so it only creates the one Sheet.

You have to create a list of unique sheetnumbers. This can be done with the help of a sequence and a count node.

Its also set to shortest, so it will create only one sheet since you only provide one titleblock. Set it to longest for it to work properly.

Managing lists and layers may also be needed to work for multiple sheets.

No, it makes the other sheets (see the project browser in the first image), it just only populates the first sheet with a view.

If you delete those sheets it recreates all of them? With what is in your current graph, I don’t see how that’s happening.

yes those sheets are created by the routine. everything after the colored boxes is the sheet creation. which is my new addition that isn’t working properly. it takes the views created, sets the crop box, takes the name of the view created and starts the numbering with the string value. I had this setup on both branches of the graph at first and it did create both sets of sheets. but I was getting the same “view was to big error” from other post about this node. so I added the crop box portion and the transaction start and end and that’s when I got it to actually place one view.
also I have tried changing the lacing to longest and it doubles the amount of sheets.

could it be failing to place the other plans because they are too big? and giving my the dup sheet warning because I have a level 1 plan already?

Can you post a picture with all the previews expanded especially the Sheet node?