Create sheet with views using title block "None" (sheet. byname numbertitle blockandviews)

Hi, as usual I have got right to end of the script and hit the wall.

I want to set the titleblock I am using to “None” using the node “sheet.bynamenumbertitleblockandviews”

So far I have tried using the family types drop down and leaving it blank as well as choosing an option it it for None. both of which don’t seem to work.

Any help most appreciated.

You can also delete the titleblocks afterwards.

The issue I have is that I am trying to pack a ton of views onto the sheet, they will not fit if I use any of my titleblocks

I get it, but as i said, you can also delete de titleblock after placement (in the same graph).


I seem to run into the issue that the node recognises the size of the sheet and will stop once its full and so errors on after the first placement.

Maybe I am misunderstanding your comment, could you elaborate if so?

Let your dyn. create the Sheets WITH a (random) Title Block.
Remove the Title Block aftter you created the Sheets.
This leaves you with Sheets with no Title Blocks.

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just make two lines with visible parameter in title block. it is works fine with me.
see below image.

That worked. thanks Imran ! Thanks also for the help BVS I can indeed just delete the titleblock once its been created.

No way to choose None for the title block then I assume, it would save the need to have another title block in the template specifically for this workflow.

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If your able to suggest how I might tap into the “None” option when your creating a sheet that would be awesome, it seems like it should be possible.

No OOTB nodes or custom do this to my knowledge.

You need to call up “ViewSheet.Create(doc,ElementId.InvalidElementId)” in a Python script. If like me you don’t really know what you’re doing in Python, you can find a custom node, edit it and hack something together (edit the line that would normally call up a titleblock variable to instead have the invalidID as above) to do what you need then bring it into your main script.

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Thanks Hamish, I think that wraps this up nicely. Cheers.