Create Section View Parallel to Wall


I have a faceted facade that was created in Revit using a mass and creating walls by face. I need to create parallel views of the different planes that create my facade in order to to study panalization and overlay the structure behind.

So far I have try to create section views by bounding box but the section is looking in the wrong direction and I couldn’t find a way to align the bounding box to the facade plane.


Alternatively I have tried to create the section views by using “Create element view” node from Bim4struc package, but I am struggling to get the system coordinates for the wall. The walls created by mass face are recognised in dynamo as faceWalls and I can not read information with the wall collector node from Lunchbox package.


Any suggestions?

Thanks @Yna_Db, I already checked this links but the node “Element.LocalCoordinateSystem” does not work with walls.


You can look for Element Get Location nodes instead, see here:
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Thanks @JacobSmall this is great! but unfortunately not doing exactly what I need. I am looking for a section parallel to the wall and if I am not wrong your definition creates a section perpendicular to the wall.

This is one of the slanted walls that I would like to flatten in a section view:

Another issue is that slanted walls created from a mass are not working with “element.getLocation” or any other similar node that I am aware.

Nothing to do with Dynamo but could be worth to mention (it works also with walls by face):

I have problem have element.location for wall any ideas??? is the topic resolved