Create schedule with linked model names and modified file date

Dear People,

Can anyone help me with a start to create a script where i can read the llinked and loaded revit files with there modified date. The linked files are on a BIM360 envrioment.

This schedule is also needed on a sheet so we can see if the latest files are reload.

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O. Kappert

This is a bit old, and not made for use in a BIM360 environment.
But open it and use the parts of it that suit your needs.
SheetParameers.dyn (187.6 KB)

Thank you Marcel.

I will check it.

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@Marcel_Rijsmus, Please can you tell me which part of this script is about the date of loaded revit links. I can’t find that. I want to start first with that part.

Please let me know.

For now i have something like this:

Best Regards,

O. Kappert

I’m sorry @Olaf_Kappert
This is a dinosaur script (2017).
It was written for a normal file system situation as i told you already
Good luck

This likely won’t work based on how cloud worksharing works. There may be an option at another point of the ecosystem though. Two questions:

Why do you want this?

What type of link method are you using?

@JacobSmall, We want this because sometimes revit don’t update new revit links despite we update them on bim360. We need to reload them manually so we have the latest version. It is a check for us that we use the latest version of a revit link. That is one reason. The other is that we want to have a schedule with loaded revit links on our sheet because some clients are asking for that.

your other question. We are using the manage link methode and adding links in our project. Is that what you mean.

Please let me know.

If you have another solution to manage the above issue please let me know.

Best Regards,

O. Kappert

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The first part can likely be achieved via the design collaboration module of BIM 360 - you would choose when to consume the updated model. Getting links to create a schedule should work the same on any type of worksharing.

If you really want to trigger this via Dynamo, you’ll likely need to have Dynamo call a Forge api. This is because tall models including the central itself are stored locally. If you ask the file for a ‘last modified date’ you’ll get the date you opened it, not the date it was created. That is if Susan updated the link on Monday, but Beth opened the model for the first time after the link exchange on Thursday and pulled info from the link, Beth would see Thursday as the modified date.



thanks for your latest post.

I’m going to setup a trail project on our BIM360 environment and starting to test with it. If you have any other Solutions or maybe there is going to ring a bell please let me know. I will post a new part of my script if i get a better resolts as now.