Automated Shedules from BIM360 to my revit links

Hello Guys,

i have several RVT Links that i use from BIM3600 and ACC to my main revit model.

I need to have a scheduel with the “Version number” and “date” of each revit Link.
Until now i put the version and date of publication manually.
i have hundreds of links so its starting to be a long process.

is there a way to extract data from bim360 and inject into parametres on my main model to always have an up to date scheduel of my links.

As far as I’m aware, Dynamo won’t be able to access anything outside of the model data like version number or date for cloud models. This sounds more like a job for Forge (I mean… Autodesk Cloud Services :roll_eyes:).

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This is definitely a forge use case, but you can also hack desktop connector to get to the data programmatically.

Be wary if you do attempt this: there are no public APIs, as they change often. What works today will almost certainly break by the end of the month, and if you break stuff (ie: lock yourself out of your account due to exceeding rate limits, permanently delete data, or lock others out of the files in ways which cannot be undone) you’ll have no one but yourself to blame.

It’s a great learning experience though.