Create roomTags with Create Tag (GeniusLoci) in views, depending on room:name

Thanks in advance for every input!

What my DynamoScript does:

It extracts for a selection of floor plans (e.g.: plan title contains strings “E0_FBOK_PUB” &&
“100”) all available placed rooms (RoomCollector - quasar package).

These rooms are filtered into 3 categories by string-values read from Excelsheets, so that I can assign a different RoomTag Type to each room in these lists, depending on how the “Name” attribute is filled in. Rooms with names:
“GARDEN”, “ELEVATOR”, etc. thus get a different label family type with less information than ordinary rooms, for example.


After that, the positions are determined for these rooms with Element.GetLocation and the respective room labelTAGs are set to these positions with Create Tag (GeniusLoci).

My intention would be to make my Dynamo routine a little more flexible, because currently I need a separate Create Tag for each label family type. But that becomes unwieldy if I have, say, 10 different room stamp types. I am very sure there are better solutions for this!

Your input has already helped me with some issues. I appreciate any advice on how I could design this better.




Hi @d.feyerer,

You can change the family type of tags after they are created with the SetParameterByName node.
Depending on the specifics of your graph, the lacing can be set to Longest on the Create Tag node to obtain a sublist of tags for each type of family.

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Thanks for the feedback, I was looking for exactly such a way.

I will try to integrate the approach into my script. Would be great if this works.