Create Room elevations using Linked file

Hi peeps,

I am trying to create the Room elevations using the Rhythm package.

However, when I linked a model using the walls as a boundary but placing the room on my current document the far clip doesn’t stop accordingly:

Using Linked walls:

This one, however using walls from current document works just perfect:

maybe @john_pierson can through some light on this issue

many thanks to all in advance! :slight_smile:


I also want to add that the OOTB nodes in Revit 2023 create the elevations similarly as well as this is expected behavior with Revit API.

Singling out Rhythm for this task seems unfair when it is more of a general Revit API thing.

Hi John,

It wasn’t my intention to point out Rhythm as an incomplete package.

However, just thought that maybe I missed some nodes from Rhythm that could achieve my query.


No worries.

Thinking out loud here:

I bet you could project a point from that room’s origin, find the wall and set the Far Clip Offset parameter to the distance.

Nice one!

I will try to add this bit to the script