Creating Room Separation Lines by Level

We are new to Dynamo and starting by working on a script that will create Room Separation lines around all the floors in the project of a certain type we select. While we have managed to create the script, it is not very efficient, In the example files, we must copy the part that creates the lines for each level manually because the lines MUST be associated with the correct level to bind the rooms on that level, even if they are geometrically in the right location. Does someone has a suggestion of how we can achieve this without having to copy the creation nodes for each level? For our tall towers this would not be practical. Thanks

Room Separators 5 Floors.dyn (63.9 KB)

Room Separators 5 Floors.rvt (320 KB)


Here is a shorter version for you:

I edited the python script and added a Flatten node with longest lacing. There are two more things you could have tried:

  • List combine with the python script
  • Wrap the python in a custom node, then it will work with lacing

Room Separators 5 Floors-modyfied.dyn (28.4 KB)

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That’s awesome @Einar_Raknes - I think getting to know python scripts to be able to edit them will help greatly. Thanks!